Thursday, September 23, 2010

the truenamer

sigh. the thematics of this guy seemed to make for a really flavourful class, but sadly, in play, he's hot garbage on a fork! i feel bad too, because the fantasy trope of truenaming has a rich and varied tradition. first introduced in the tome of magic these guys kinda fell flat. anyhow, the following are some minor changes i've dug up, but sadly never actually got to run first hand. so please, i invite you, test them and get back to me:

  • To speak an area’s truename (using the Lexicon of the Perfected Map), you must succeed on a Truespeak check with a DC equal to 25 + 5 per level of the utterance. If the the area is a magical location, increase the DC by an additional 5.
  • To speak defensively, you only need make a concentration check.
  • The formula to calculate the truespeaking DC is as follows: 15 + CR; this should allow for a more relaxed and realistic ability to hit increasingly difficult truespeaking dice checks.
  • For example, a 5th level truenamer is attempting to attack a nearby ogre. Normally his truespeaking DC would be 15 + (3×2) or 21. Assuming a slightly above-average character, this means he will only have a (8 skills + 2 Int. + 2 masterwork) +12 to his truespeech checks, giving him a fairly wide margin of failure that could endanger him or his allies. Using the proposed fix, the truespeaking DC is now 18 all but guaranteeing success. While seemingly easy to hit, this offsets the natural DC increase of the truenamer, and ensures that he’s contributing more often than not.

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