Friday, September 24, 2010

the soulborn

anyone notice a recurring theme of underdogs with these updates? it seems like, when wizards was developing its masterful magic of incarnum - one of my favourite supplements by the way - each designer was assigned to a different core class, and each had absolutely no contact with the others. this must be it, because i have absolutely no idea how someone could go out and make a totemist and also make a soulborn and think "Yeah, this is totally balanced and people will see them as two sides of the same coin!"

anyhow, i tend to think of the soulborn as an incarnum-flavoured duskblade, or psychic warrior, and note: neither of those incredibly cool classes got screwed over with half-powered spell-casting, or an incredibly delayed access mechanism. so, here's my fixes. again, someone let me know how these worked out in your campaign?

  • In order to increase their viability in play, soulborns' soulmelds, essentia and binds all come three levels earlier, than on table 2-3 in the magic of incarnum. this means they get soulmelds at level 1, access to their own essentia pool at level 3, and can bind at level 5. this also means that at levels 18 and up, soulborns get one extra soulmeld, 1 more essentia between the 18th and 20th levels, and a 5th bind at 19th level.
  • soulborns may take either incarnum feats or fighter feats, for any of their bonus feats.
  • soulborns now gain a bonus incarnum feat at level 1, and 4.
  • The soulborn’s incarnum defense ability has been modified. At level 2, you chose an incarnum defense based upon one aspect of your alignment. At level 6, you may select an additional incarnum defense, as long as it is not directly opposed to your alignment. This means that a chaotic good soulborn who chose good as his first alignment component can choose chaos as his second, but nothing that opposes either of these alignments.
  • The following incarnum powers and abilities have been added into our game, as they were developed by one of the authors of Magic of Incarnum. These new powers and uses can be found in here.

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