Friday, September 10, 2010

the druid

if you ever have a campaign with a druid, please tell me that you're at least going to partially check over this list of suggestions. neither here nor there, i had a 2e druid literally ruin my entire campaign, to the point where i had to start introducing wonky foes and challenges just to keep him on his toes, but this started to mortally threaten the others on a semi-weekly basis. the solution? stopped playing 2e. at any rate, here are the suggestions from my campaign:

  • The feat natural spell is not used in this game. This is arguably one of the absolute most broken feats in core and it will ruin your junk, so just accept this. Trust me, it's for the better.
  • A wildshaping druid must chose an animal the druid is familiar with. For example, a druid who has never been outside a temperate forest could not become a polar bear. Based upon your starting lands, select either: cold, temperate or warm. This represents your druids’ familiarity with animals from said climate. Note that vermin, plant and elemental forms are unaffected. The forms are based upon starting lands and do not change, through movement or experience.
  • In order to incorporate newer sources of spells, such as the Spell Compendium, or Complete Champion, all divine casters, upon gaining a new level of spell, may receive 1 new spell per point of Wisdom bonus, depending on their casting stat. A Druid with a wisdom bonus of 3 gains three ‘new’ spells upon reaching a higher level of spells known, selected from any of the sourcebooks.
This prevents the bookkeeping of druids from having access to 100+ new spells at a given level, and allows for more personalised choices to be made.

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